Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanks for Entertaining Me

Dancing With the Stars Final Review:
In the first 10 minutes we saw Marie Osmond get the axe. When you lumber around on the dance floor in a big giant doll costume and say, "I did this for my fans." What the hell do you expect? Has everyone had a big enough dose of the Osmonds? I'm good for a while, a long while. She was like having a relative visit and stayed just a few days too long. Sure it was nice to see her, but enoughs, enough already.
I recorded the two hour extravaganza, because the husband and I watched House, then started watching it at 10:00. I fast forwarded through so much fluff that I almost caught up with the end of the show - live! I did get to see Albert Reed swing his hips around again, no fast forwarding there. I don't know what draws me to this show, it certainly isn't the re-capping. Holy Crap the drama!
After I was sure Marie Osmond didn't win the big mirror-ball trophy, it didn't matter to me who won. Helio and Mel B both were deserving of the prize. I voted for Mel B, but that was because I wanted to continue to see Maks dance, cuz he's a babe. So congratulations Helio and see ya next year Maks! And thank you Dancing With the Stars for entertaining the hell out of me.

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