Friday, November 2, 2007

It's All About a Million Dollars

Survivor China Review:
They merged! But before the merge there was hidden immunity idol drama. Jamie went through James the Gravedigger's things and felt up his pants, didn't take anything out just felt two of them. Then later saw something on the ground the same size and figured James the Gravedigger must have dropped one, because she's not as dumb as she looks. You have to give the editing guys of Survivor credit, they sure know how to help make someone look stupid. Not that Jamie needed much help, she waved around the fake hidden immunity idol at tribal council to no avail, she's got voted out and Jean-Robert lives to see yet another episode of Survivor China.
Up until last nights episode I hadn't picked who I want to win. But I so want James the Gravedigger to win now. He was awesome last night. His interviews cracked me up, he says it like it is and he called Courtney "that skinny little bitch", not to her face, because it's all about a million dollars.

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Connie said...

It's called a poached egg :) Older dd used to love them. Easy to make too.