Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is a Family Show Mark Cuban

Dancing With the Stars Elimination Extravaganza Show Review:
I won't make you wait until the very end of my long drawn out post to see who gets eliminated - Mark Cuban!
We got to see Max and Mel dance again, because the judges liked them best this week. And all my voting for Max paid off they were in the top two instead of the bottom two. Panning the audience we see Florence Henderson aka Mrs. Brady there again. Every week she's there. And she's heavily involved in the "audience comments" portion of the show. Are we going to see a Brady next season?
And Dancing With the Stars Recap show, who does recap to the hilt, shows us unseen before footage of Marie Osmond fainting. They showed us several times.
Mark Cuban will now learn that you don't say the "F" word on Dancing With the Stars, even if it's bleeped out. This is a whole different audience Mark!
I'm looking forward to the following weeks. All of the stars left are pretty good and when they start getting eliminated I might feel a little bad for them.

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