Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She See's Dead People Cuz She's Trippin'

I love House. My husband would punch him in the face if we had him as a doctor. Yes, I know he's not really a doctor. A doctor like him I mean. I'm really starting to hate the blond girl that got the diagnosis right this week. House is screwing with all of them and it's great. Last episode when he was getting rid of applicants he had a Tribal Council, like on Survivor. This week he gave flowers to all the applicants but one, like on The Bachelor. It was a hoot! I hope he weeds out the rest of them soon, because I miss Wilson/House interaction. Too many characters. Anyway, the patient that saw dead people, was an organic freak. She was tripping on mold that was growing on her bread and the combination concocted ingredients that they use to make LSD. How do they think up these things?


Connie said...

I actually saw this last night! This show is good. So he's weeding out all of thoes doctors (and one who isn't a dr)?

The women sure are weird this time around. I hope both of them get canned soon.

Sue said...

Especially the blond one! I don't like her.