Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Didn't See That Coming?

Anyone who wishes to be on the next Survivor and actually makes it should study the actions of Dave the Kookamonga. This guy self destructed in a matter of days. Dave is a few fire bricks short of a load. He was voted overwhelmingly out of the his tribe, Zhan Hu. I'm pretty sure the other tribe, Fei Long would have done the same thing. He managed to alienate Fei Long the whole two days he spent kidnapped by them. Well maybe Dave can get back on his medication now and all will be well.
Hey there's a guy named Frosti on the show this year, maybe he was born during the Holidays? I don't know.
I have 10 minutes to wait for the Indians/Red Sox game. Go Tribe! I will report back on that one! Where's my beer?

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