Friday, October 26, 2007

The Object is to Win

Survivor Review:
Oh for goodness sakes another challenge is being thrown. And wow it doesn't look obvious at all. Let me ask you something. Sure it's great to win a reward challenge, but immunity it where it's at, right? When you have to sit out people for challenges and they can't sit they same person out twice, wouldn't you sit out, for immunity, the one person that continually lets you down, would blow away with a big gust of wind and is an idiot? Sit Courtney's ass down for reward challenges. How is she still there?
Jean-Robert thinks he's in control of the game, because he's a poker player and can read people, he must not be very observant because an immunity idol was found right in front of him and he doesn't know anything about it. Todd is running the game at the moment and he has the numbers on his side, including the clueless Jean-Robert.

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