Monday, October 22, 2007

No World Series For Me!

I'm not as grumpy as I thought I'd be. Maybe because I am a Cleveland fan and I'm use to disappointment. Yeah, that's it. My husband bought me a mocha cappuccino this morning, that helps my mood tremendously. For some reason Cleveland fans are not allowed to enjoy sports. I listen to a local talk show on WTAM in Cleveland, the Triv Show, Triv is very much a Cleveland fan. He told us Friday, if the Indians lose this ALCS series, he's taking this week off. Because he would be too pissed off to do his show. It would be bad radio, he said. We'll see what happens a 3:00 pm today. I kind of hope he's not there, I don't want him to bring me down from my mocha cappuccino high.

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