Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's a Guy Thing

Flipping back and forth between the Indians/Yankees play-off game and Dancing With The Stars took skill that I'm not accustomed to. It's a guy thing. But I managed to see all the stars dance except Marie Osmond, she was last and my husband just got home.
The Race Car Driver, Helio? well he dropped down a few notches in the scores. I don't know what happened to him this week he just didn't seem to have it. Max took off his shirt, he likes to do that and I like when he does that. *sigh* I think it was the Soap Opera guy that missed a few steps, can't remember his name. Wayne Newton lumbered around the dance floor again, proving he doesn't belong there, everyone knows it but they're stuck with him. Poor Cheryl, how did she get stuck with him? Did she draw the short straw? My prediction for the the final two couples standing in the red light - the Soap Opera guy and Mark Cuban.
Congrats to the Cleveland Indians!! WooHoo they beat the Yankees. Bring on the Red Sox!

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