Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Skin Next Week

Samantha's back! I never thought she was that great of a host until they threw Drew into the mix. She looked great and I did miss her. Okay, let's talk about those judges shall we? Carrie Ann Inaba had a bug up her ass this week, kept talking about the rules, yada, yada. Len told Bruno to shut up, again. Bruno seemed subdued to me. Or maybe I wasn't paying as much attention to what the judges were saying because I kept flipping back to the Cleveland Indians game. How did Casey Blake get on second base? Tom Bergeron promised us more skin next week. That's good news for Maksim Chmerkovskiy fans because he likes to take his shirt off. And the soap opera guy, Cameron, I know his name now, I hope he takes his shirt off too. My brother-in-law will be watching intently for a wardrobe malfunction. We saw the first of the perfect 10 scores to pop up this season. Jennie Garth got one from her new best friend Lennie, she was genuinely shocked, so were a lot of people.
Let's see who's going home? I keep saying Mark Cuban every week and I'm saying him again, bound to be right sooner or later. Floyd looks like he's jumping around a boxing ring every dance, I don't see improvement, the judges were just being nice. He should go soon.

Hey the Indians won!! I'll be flipping back and forth again tonight and trying to figure out when to watch Heroes.

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