Monday, October 8, 2007

I Have a Dog Question

We adopted Buckeye from the Animal Shelter in January. She has been a perfect fit to the family. Here is my question to all the experienced dog owners out there. When we first got her and fed her, she of course woofed down her food. Probably because she didn't know if she would be fed again. This slowed down and she would patiently wait for her bowl to be filled, then eat. Just this past week I've had to coax her to eat. She'll just walk away now when I fill her bowl. Is this normal behavior? I haven't changed her dog food. She's still eating, but later in the day. Am I being paranoid? I really like to keep schedules.


Denise said...

Maybe she feels more comfortable now and just wants to eat when she's hungry. Sounds like a dog with class. :)

Sue said...

:) Thanks Denise!

Claudia a/k/a Happy Nutritionist said...

I always leave drye food out and Aspen, my yorkie, eats it when she's hungry. She only gets so much a day, and she knows how to space it out to last.

I think, like denise said, that it is a sign that she is secure and trusts that no one is going to steal her food, and that it will always be there for her.

As long as she is eating, she'll be just fine, and congrats on giving a dog a home. Claudia

Sue said...

Thanks Claudia! Yes, she is eating. I guess it's like having a baby in the house again, when you think you have a good schedule going they go and change it on you!