Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gotta Love Live TV

Marie Osmond is genuinely having the time of her life on Dancing With The Stars. You can just tell she's having fun. Laughing and not taking the judges as seriously as they take themselves. I was thinking yesterday, "Jeez, I haven't really written a word about Marie Osmond in my review blog." I thought of something, but I'll save it. Because everyone is talking about Marie Osmond fainting on Live TV. She finished her dance with her dance partner Jonathan, she's waving to the audience, hugging Jonathan and Tom Bergeron, going back and forth with the judges. Len (we only call him Lennie when we speak of his favorite Jennie) started to tell her the dance wasn't that good, in a nice way, when she went down in a thud. Tom Bergeron, Len and Jonathan were visably upset. Tom Bergeron sent us to commercial. Extra commercials, but no one changed the channel. I called my mom to make sure she was watching. She was. Tom Bergeron brought us back and told us all is well, Marie is back stage, she just fainted. We see her in the arms of Jonathan, telling us that sometimes when she gets winded she faints. Good to know, now. The judges still think her Samba was just so, so. She gets 7's from all of them. At this point in the major competition, it's a little low. Do you hear that Mark Cuban?
Mark Cuban said the "F" word. Actually he said the "F" word and the judges in the same sentence. F#$% the judges. Whoa! Can you say the "F" word on Dancing With The Stars? His partner, Kim I think, said, "You can't say that." Damn right! My 70 year old mother is watching. He wanted to make their dance different. They used the "I Dream of Jeannie" song. Kim was dressed like the Jeannie and Mark Cuban was dressed like a nerd. Hello? Everyone knows that Jeannie was found by the astronaut, J.R. Ewing.
I voted! I voted until my voting quota was used up for Max and whatshername. I have no idea who will be under the red lights tonight. But I hope it's Mark Cuban.

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