Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heroes, try to keep up!

When last we spoke of Heroes I was have some recording issues. I saw the entire Heroes episode last night I'm happy to say. Claire didn't cut off any of her appendages in this episode, but she found out her new boyfriend (they kissed) can fly. It's so romantic when a guy holds you in his arms and flys through the clouds, isn't it? They kiss, on the beach, where they flew to. Claire sees that little "mark" on, jeez I can't remember supermans name, her boyfriends shoulder and asked him, "What's that mark." The boyfriend reminisces about the day he can't remember, except he does remember the Horned Rimmed Glasses guy, aka HRG or Claire's dad. That's going to be quite a reunion if HRG can stay alive that long. You see Mohinder found another painting of Isaac's, the future painting guy, and the future doesn't look very bright for HRG/Claire's Dad.
DL is dead, there's a gravestone and everything. Nikki has to go get fixed, so she drops Micah off with his grandmother, Lt. Uhura. It's good to see these old Star Trek actors get a gig. She looks like she's up to something though.
Peter seems to like it in Australia. He got back his box with his identity in it but decided to kiss the Australian girl first. Sylar the evil villian is back, not dead. He still likes to cut out peoples brains and apparently all for not. He lost all the power he cut out of everyone's heads. Damn, I hate when that happens.
Hiro is still in the past and the Mexicans are still sprinting towards the border. And I need to rest.

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