Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What the hell is he doing?

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Dancing With the Stars. We only have 6 couples left and if I had to say, if I had to be forced to say who I thought would be the winner of the Big Giant Mirror Ball Trophy it would probably be Hines Ward. Blah, the Pittsburgh Steeler. I can't see Kendra winning, she has to be alienating more and more fans each week. Men can fart on TV, women can't. That's the rules, I don't make them up but I adhere to them. Who is voting for her?
Kirstie is running out of steam. With two dances the rest of the way I just don't think Maks has the strength to drag her around the dance floor much longer. But she does look good. I just watched their first dance on YouTube and she's visibly thinner. But she is 60.
I feel bad for Chelsea Kane, she has Mark as a partner and his an idiot. He over dances her and doesn't need to, she's good. I don't want him and his attitude to win, sorry Chelsea.
Romeo didn't do very well with his scores last night and I think either he or Kendra will go home tonight. And then we have Ralph who's on again, off again. On for the ballroom dances and off for the Latin dances. If he gets his hips moving he could win but I doubt it.

So tell me Mark Ballas, what is going on here after your got your scores and were not happy with them? What are you doing there with your hand?

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