Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen this is getting dangerous!

I'm going to post the video of that Pittsburgh Steeler trying to break Kim Johnson's neck, very scary and hard to watch. They will probably win the Giant Mirror Ball Trophy now. I would like to see Kim win but not a Pittsburgh Steeler. If he wasn't on that damn team I would vote for them. I'm trying to decide if their perfect scores were sympathy 10's or if they deserved them, but I'm so anti-Pittsburgh Steeler I just can't make the call.

Here is the video:

There is no way they will be going home tonight. I think Ralph is done, that's my prediction. I really want to see Mark go. Go, go, go. Before I hit you in the face. I'm sure he will be around for the finals, damn. Kirstie and Maks have a huge fan base and should come in third.

So the Pittsburgh Steeler gets the Giant Mirror Ball Trophy, cute little Disney Star Chelsea Kane who got stuck with "what the hell is he on?" Mark, he yelled at her in rehearsal, will be second. Pretty sure Kirstie third and the Karate Kid goes home tonight. I could be wrong, if I am, I'll be surprised.

Now let's get to the real fun last night. How many people over the age of, let's say 10, need to have the concept of a coin toss explained to them? Really Brooke Burke, how many?

Is there a female equivalent of Tom Bergeron out there? I think not. But is there someone just a little bit smarter than Brooke, yes. Dancing With The Stars, please go find her.
And then Bruno got bleeped. I think he went too far, this is a family show Bruno! You can tell Karina was offended and pissed.

I usually don't watch much of the "Somebodies going home tonight" Tuesday episode, actually just the last 5 minutes. I especially won't be watching tonight because Cheryl and Nick Lachey, I don't even care if I spelled his last name right, are dancing their stupid Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy dance again, Gah!

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