Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen We're Down to 5

I'm just not going to vote anymore. I'm happy with this final 5 but can not cast another vote. At this moment I don't care who wins the Giant Mirror Ball, they are all just about even, I'm okay with the chips falling as they may.
There is no way I can vote for a Pittsburgh Steeler. I was raised to hate them, I am a Cleveland fan. I know, one of the hardest things in the world to do is be a Cleveland Browns fan but I'm stuck with this legacy. I blame my ancestors for migrating to Northeast Ohio and staying here. Thereby sealing my fate, destine to cheer on losing teams for all eternity.
I'm not going to vote for the over dancing Mark, cause I hate him, as I've said before, sorry Chelsea.
How can I justify voting for someone rolling on the floor in pain? Ralph's day are numbered and I'm not going to be part of the crowd that feels sorry for him and votes for him to stay in the stupid competition and be a part of the reason he becomes crippled. Can't do that to the Karate Kid, who for some reason has decided to finally do something with his hair and use guy-liner the last 2 dances.
Um, when I saw Kirstie bounce down the stairs in practice I decided as much as I love to watch Maks, I have YouTube. Let's put them both out of their misery. Something didn't sit right with me after watching them last night, something changed in their relationship/partnership. Maybe Kirstie hit her head, I don't know but that's all the speculating I'm going to do.
And then I really had to sit and think who is the 5th dancer and celebrity? Oh that Romeo kid and whatshername. I wouldn't mind if they won it all just to piss off Mark. Muh ha ha.

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