Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Finale

Hey Brooke Whatshername won Dancing With The Stars. She's who I would have voted for if I still voted. But I haven't voted since Mr. Do Wap Diddy Do kept lumbering around the dance floor a few seasons ago.
Again I'd like to thank Dancing With The Stars for entertaining the hell out of me and bringing re-cap shows to a whole new level. There is no way you can miss anything on this show because they know how to re-cap until you're cross-eyed.
I watched just about the whole two hour season finale, usually I just watch the last 4 minutes of the results show, but being the finale, I thought it warranted my full attention. I dropped a few EntreCards during Miley Cyrus, not even sure if I spelled that right and don't even care.
I managed to watch House last night also, record NCIS and Fringe, watched Fringe this afternoon and will watch NCIS with the husband this evening. And I wonder why I have no clean socks.

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