Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reality TV: Okay That's Enough

Hey, I'm a Reality TV fan, really. But damn. Celebrity Circus? Please, stop the madness. I watched a whole painful hour of that show. (I missed the first half hour because Boy #2 talked me into watching the movie Crank. Not a movie for a mother and her son, plus a his girlfriend to be watching together. I'm not going to talk about it.)
Celebrity Circus, and they use the word celebrity loosely, has about six or seven "celebrities" performing circus acts and they are judged by a know-it-all, uptight, woman acrobat with some kind of accent, some guy in the middle and a gay guy. Peter Brady broke his arm in training, some other woman broke her rib and Joey Fatone, our host, asked them, "why go on?"
"So we can get a great job like you got Joey, after you were on Dancing With The Stars. Look at you all dressed up in a red coat with tails and a top hat."
Okay so they didn't say that. They stressed how they didn't quit and stuff. I can't watch this anymore. I worried about Peter Brady falling on his head and I'm a little tired of seeing Rachel Hunter on every Reality TV show that comes down the pike. And what the hell happened to Antonio Sabato, Jr.'s career that he has to be on Celebrity Circus?

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ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Sounds ridiculous. I think I'll pass on that circus.