Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Review of Heroes

Oh look, more sub-titles. There is a Mexican couple trying to get to New York and they are scared. Apparently the women has a "super power" and it ain't pretty. But enough of the new people. What the hell? Nathan and Peter Petrelli fly into the sky in the season finale last May and blow up. We wait for the season premier and they come back telling us it's 4 months later? But.......
Everyone has got on with their lives and one of the guys that blew up is a drunk, Nathan. But....... Ummm............
Claire and her family are secretly relocated in a California Suburb and she is told to not stand out. That means don't die and come back to life in front of anyone. Oh and don't become a cheerleader, but she sooo wants to you can tell. You can't take the cheerleader out that girl!
Matt and Mohinder are raising that creepy little girl that they saved last season. Creepy girls teacher shows Matt creepy pictures that creepy girl drew. And the teacher obviously thinks that it is completely normal for a man that is not related to the creepy little girl to be taking care of her. Don't they train teachers about stuff like that?
Hiro went and transported himself back in time. Way back in time, to the owner of that damn sword who is an Englishman. Whatever. Someone needs to get a hold of him and tell him the world is already saved and New York is not blown up, and they should probably tell him his dad is dead. Poor Sulu, he finally got a steady gig since Star Trek and they throw him off a roof.

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