Friday, September 7, 2007

I listen to Glenn Beck.

Of course nothing is easy! I started listening to Glenn Beck when WTAM in Cleveland put him on the air. It was the day after 9/11 and everyone was looking for news. He grew on me! I admit I didn't like him at first. But now he's part of my morning routine. Then WTAM decided we wanted to listen to Jerry Springer instead. Hey, thanks so much WTAM for telling me what I like, not!
I now listen to Glenn Beck on WHLO in Akron. Let me explain my listening experience to you. Have you ever seen the movie Signs? Really good movie by the way, go see it if you haven't and do it now because the rest of this post will not make sense to you. You know the part in Signs when they use the baby monitor to pick up the Aliens communicating? Think of that sound for just a minute...............
That is what I hear when I listen to Glenn Beck on WHLO. About once a week the geek in me has to say, "No, the aliens aren't coming, it's just a bad signal." Now I am happy that WHLO picked up the Glenn Beck Show so I can listen to him and the aliens. If I wasn't so cheap I could listen to him online by becoming an "insider" on his website. But don't you think in the year 2007, with all the technological marvels we've experienced, that I should be able to get a radio station to sound clearer, with no alien static?


Puteri said...

We don't get Glenn Beck radio show here in CA but I watch his TV show on CNN Headlines whenever I can. I like his style. :-)

I followed your link from the Postie forum. :-)

How about a link exchange? I didn't want to bring that up on froggybluesocks posting! If you are agreeable, please use this blogspot link. Visit my blog and let me know.

Sue said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Not too many people leave me comments and I forget to check! I haven't started a blog roll on this blog - View of Sue.
But I will start one with yours!
Thanks for commenting.