Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me, My Husband and House

One of the few TV shows that my husband and I agree on is House. My Husband is a History Channel kind of guy, grounded firmly in reality. He refuses to be entertained by freaky islands, super powers and people trying to win a million dollars by eating bugs. Thank God for DVR.

Tuesday night we were both very much looking forward to the House Season Premier. The forces of nature were against us. Earlier that evening I had my drivers side window shattered (explanation saved for another post at another time) we had several phone calls asking if I was okay. A storm was also brewing. Our Direct TV satellite dish doesn't react to blowing wind and rain well. It's something to do with 3 degrees and the trees being too tall, we might need to add a pole to the dish, yada yada, we lose the signal.

We lost the signal. And then the power went out. Rain started coming into the addition that my husband is building on the to back of the house. So reviewing this episode is not going to happen. I need someone to review it for me! How did House get his guitar back? Who took it hostage? Wilson,right? Wasn't he great in this episode? Do we really need the "team" back?

Did I call Dancing With The Stars right or what?

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