Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Big Fluffy Slippers

The temperature has gone down here in Northeast Ohio. So much so that I got out my Big Fluffy Slippers. Saturday we were dripping in sweat while working on the house, today my feet are cold. The windows are open and the air conditioner is off.
I have a smart dog. It doesn't take her long to figure things out. I walked around the house all summer barefoot. So when I put on a pair of sandals she knows that
A. She's going on a walk.
B. She's going for a car ride. Or
C. She's getting put in her cage because I'm going alone but at least she's getting a treat!
All of these options are acceptable to her. I think the not knowing for sure is what gets her so excited.
I put my Big Fluffy Slippers on and totally threw her for a loop. She gave them a look and her ears perked up. She attacked my feet! I am now walking around the house in, what my dog thinks, two big chew toys.

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