Friday, September 28, 2007

Dave's Backyard Barbecue is Almost Done

Maybe My Name is Earl and The Office are meant to be only half hour shows. Or maybe I was tired or, I know, I was taping Survivor and knew I was watching it after Earl and Office, but were they boring to anyone else but me? Sure it was funny when Joy kept twapping Randy in the head with a big rubber band and when Michael drove into Meredith in the parking lot. I kept looking at the clock wondering what was happening on Survivor.
So here's what happened on Survivor. Mud Wrestling. And lots of it. And a whole lot of those blurry spots on the television, because remember, these castaways are in their underwear. The Zhan Hu tribe lost the immunity challenge again. And the voting off came down between Dave and Ashley, who had been fighting constantly at the Zhan Hu camp. Dave, the appointed leader, decided to make an elaborate fire pit and the rest of the tribe couldn't combined enough brain cells together and get themselves to start a temporary fire to cook up some rice while waiting for Dave's Backyard Barbecue to be finished. So Ashley just bitched about the situation instead. Which proved to be a fatal mistake. Stick a fork in her pierced lip, she's done.

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