Monday, January 28, 2008

Gettin All Political and Stuff

The President's State of the Union Address is on tonight. The husband asked me, "I thought it was always on a Tuesday when he addressed the nation?"
And I responded, "That was before American Idol. Idol is much bigger than the President of the United States. The nation has its priorities you know."
While I was only joking around, I'm pretty sure I'm not totally off on this. I'd rather watch Idol. I will not watch another politician tell me how they are wasting my money. I will not voluntarily sit down in front of the TV and let someone lie to me. I will not watch Nancy Pelosi chomp on a piece of gum behind the President. And I have no desire to see half of the senate stand up and clap at one time and the other half another time.
Enough already. Let me take home more of what I earn. Let me defend myself. Leave me and my freedom alone. And for God sake if a terrorist has information on an attack on our country - beat it out of them.
Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.


Blake said...

I haven't watched the State of the Union in quite sometime---but heartily agree about Nancy Pelosi and her jaw!! I didn't realize they'd moved it because of Idol--that's great!

Sue said...

Don't quote me on that but it makes sense to me! LOL!