Monday, January 7, 2008

Holy Shnikies!

The Amazing Race Review:
It was obvious that this was a non-elimination leg of the race, so I wasn't too concerned while watching this episode. The Hippies came in last, dead last, three hours behind everyone last. Their downfall the plane trip to Japan. They were the first to book a flight, but didn't get a non-stop flight like the other three teams.
Did Nate really say Holy Shnikies? About three times he did. Holy Shnikies look at all the flowers! Awesome. I don't want him and Jen to win but they're so damn fun to watch when things go wrong. Actually things don't have to go wrong, he just has to look at her wrong and it sets her off. I truly believe that Jen hates Nate with every fiber of her being.
Chris continued to drag her father through the race and Nick did the same with his grandfather. One of them is going to collapse before this race is over and then I will feel bad. I hate when my conscious creeps into my reviews.

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Anonymous said...

hi..i love TAR!i have watched it since season 1...i like it when the oldies can still race.

I'm disgusted at Ron and Christina when they cheated in the trip to Taiwan.When they said that they should not let the other team on the flight. They've used their advantage of being CHINESE and even had to cheat in their native China/Taiwan, when clearly they have the advantage because they know/read the languange.