Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dropping EntreCards

There wasn't much on the television sets in Ohio last night except the National Championship Game, LSU vs. Ohio State. Needless to say I was far from glued to the TV. I was on the computer dropping EntreCards. And Holy Crap has that "new blog thing" increased my traffic! It has an addictive quality to it and it's fun. I'm meeting new bloggers and getting an increase of comments left on my blogs too. Deciding which blogs to advertise on and who should advertise on mine. I tend to advertise only on the blogs that have the widget "above the fold", no scrolling involved. And this seems to be what most bloggers are doing.
Oh and I guess I've delayed this bit of information long enough, as if you don't know already Ohio State lost. You know, the National Championship Game - again.

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GeekMom said...

We are Purdue fans, but were cheering for the Buckeyes in that game! Go Big Ten!