Friday, January 25, 2008

High School DVD Moments

I tried so hard to get one of my boys to join the Drama Club in High School. It would be nice to go to a school function that isn’t sports related, not that there’s anything wrong with sports, I’d just like to see my boys expand their horizons a little bit. They all have such a wonderful sense of humor that I’d really like to see them on stage. Boy #3 is my last hope he still has two more years of High School left after this year and I think I’m getting to him!

Boy #2 has been on the High School morning announcements, which are filmed and filmed in sport events. I want to see them! I keep asking him for the DVD that was made of a dodge ball game he was involved in, teachers vs. students, but he doesn’t know who has one. I want these moments in their lives and I’m willing to pay for it. A DVD backup is easier than I thought. I really thought that someone that made a copy of a DVD had to have a college degree in geek. But I found DVD copying software at 123 I can do it myself. Now all I have to do is try to get straight answers from the teenagers as to the whereabouts of said DVD’s.

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