Friday, January 18, 2008

Bring Me Chocolate! Bring Me Wine!

I’m going to officially go on record saying that the husband doesn’t have to take me out to eat on Valentines Day. I’ll let him off the hook this year. Besides, there is going to be so much on TV on Thursday nights, that I’ll be blogging my butt off on Fridays. He still has to buy me presents, booze and chocolate will work. I’ll leave the online shopping coupons on my computer screen all this week and discuss the joys of chocolate and full glass of wine. Chocolate Source can be found at the Coupon Chief site and so can That will be all I need along with full control of the remote!

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FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

Oh, Sue, so true!
CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Chuck, Without a Trace. And we don't have TIVO or picture in a picture. So we're pounding the remote on Thursdays. I'll think of you as Gail and I do our own chocolate and wine. You're a girl after our own hearts!