Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Have a Question

I will have a new blog soon! I mentioned it on my other blog Farvel Cargo in a couple posts already and I thought I should mention it here too. After finding out that the husband has diabetes, I of course, decided I needed to start a blog on learning about diabetes. And at the same time the husband and I were trying to process all the information that was coming at us from several different directions, I won a contest at Computer Chit Chat, for my own domain name and a year of hosting. Would that be called fate? My master plan is all coming together. When I feel comfortable with my new blog , which will be named, and I can navigate my way around WordPress, I plan to move View of Sue and Farvel Cargo over to their own domain.
So I keep my eyes open and I ask questions, on the message boards and on my blogs. One of my main questions is, if you have multiple blogs do you host them at the same place or spread them around? I know that it’s smart to register your domain name and host in different places. That is in case you have a problem with one of the companies.
I’ve been searching around and I found some information I have questions about. What the hell is going on with Dreamhost? I know some of the bloggers I have conversed with over the past few months have it. Did you see this? Lunarpages Offer for DreamHost Customers because apparently Dreamhost customers have been over-charged. I would love to hear from some Dreamhost customers. Lunarpages customers too! I guess this would a perfect example of why you should spread your domain names and hosting around with different companies. Have I answered my own question?

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