Monday, January 14, 2008

Down to the Final Three Teams

The Amazing Race Review:
What a surprise. The team that can agree on absolutely nothing came in last this week. Even with a three hour lead over one of the teams. So we say good-bye to the whiny bitches Nate and Jen. They would have just fought over what to do with the millions dollars anyway.
The severely handicapped Hippies, TK and Rachel came in second. Behind by 3 hours, saddled with a speed bump and they still managed to finish before two teams securing a spot in the final three. Jen, the bitter one, wants to rip TK's dread-locks out of his head. And I think it was Chris or Nick that said they wanted to rip off TK's beard. Ohhh the thrill of competition.
The final episode is on next Sunday, January 20, 2008 at is regular time, 8:00 pm ET. But I can't find the information on if it will be longer than a hour. Survivor drags the final episode out, but I don't think The Amazing Race does.
I will update my post if I find anything out!


Who We Are said...

Think it's only one hour. At least my Tivo thinks that.

Sue said...

Probably. I always have to check my DVR on Sunday's and record the show after The Amazing Race because football always runs late. Not that there's anything wrong with that!