Monday, January 21, 2008

We Have The Amazing Race Winners

TK and Rachel won! I wanted them to win, so woohoo! The three final teams took off to Alaska on the final leg of the race and they all stayed close together, it was neck and neck, a nail biter! Ron and Chris had a slight lead most of the race until they all got to the final Road Block. I'm listening to Phil explain this Road Block thinking to myself, "Maybe I should hit the rewind button and listen again." But then decided I would have needed to hear it about seven more time to even try and begin to understand it. Huh Phil? Are you kidding me? What did he just say? All three teams picked the right one to tackle the Road Block, because only one can do it while the other one paces in wait. Chris started to panic and pray. I think God was too busy with war, famine and disease to help her win a million dollars at the time because Rachel solved the Ultimate Puzzle and she and TK raced to the finish line. This was a good season, I didn't start watching The Amazing Race until the third season, so I really need to rent Season 1 and Season 2 for some summer TV or if the writer's stay on strike.

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