Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Practice What You Preach

You would think I’d be reading more with the writer’s strike and all. But I haven’t lost myself in a book in quite some time. I blame it on the net. I use to frequent a book message board, but now I fear I am out of the loop. I have a small list of books that I really want to read but haven’t got around to them. My friend gave me another one to add to my list after talking to me during the holidays, it’s called Happy For No Reason by Marci Shimoff. I asked her, “Do I sound that down to you?”
“No, no, no, it just explains how to get rid of your negative thoughts and feelings.”
“Do I sound negative?” This is me giving her a hard time. And I did, she rolled her eyes.
Apparently Mariel Hemingway has a note in the book telling all on how The Sedona Method has changed her life. The Sedona Method gave this author, Marci Shimoff, the inspiration to write this book Happy For No Reason. I’m more of a fiction book person, but I guess I could be happier. Negativity gets in the way of success, this is what I tell my boys. I should practice what I preach.

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