Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game O Love

Although I have a jamb packed, fun filled Thursday evenings television schedule, I still plan on telling the husband Happy Valentine’s Day which is on a Thursday this year. I won’t get a present, it’s just not his style. When we were dating and he gave me a bowling bag for our first Valentine’s Day together, I knew I wasn’t dating Mr. Romance. Now if I were to give in to dreaming about Valentine’s Day presents it would be chocolate.

I have received gift baskets before and love giving them as presents too. So when I sign up for's Valentine's Day Game, I want to win a gift basket. It’s something the husband and I enjoy, opening a gift basket full of goodies. The Valentine’s Day contest at is called Game O Love. I would love to win a huge gift basket for Valentine’s Day! We could sit on the living room floor and inspect the contents of the basket, deciding who gets what, kick the kids out of the room and watch LOST.’s “Game O Love” contest runs from January 25 to February 11. So since I’m not married to Mr. Romance I’m going to try and win us something, preferably chocolate.

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