Thursday, January 3, 2008

Talk Radio Junkie

I am a talk radio junkie. But the radio has been off in my office because talk radio sucks during the holidays, everyone goes on vacation. I decided to give it a listen this morning and of course I missed something. So I've been searching the internet to find out what happened to Glenn Beck. Apparently he was in the hospital for five days and in a considerable amount of pain. But why, I don't know. If anyone has some information I would appreciate it. Until then I will continue my searching after I fix myself a sandwich.


Enforcer said...

I didnt know Glenn Beck was hospitalized either. I too am a huge talk radio junkie. It makes the time go by faster when Im working.

Sue said...

He is suppose to be back Monday. I hope I remember to put the radio on at 9:00am! Some mornings I don't put it on until 10:00. I'll post the info when I find out what happened to him.