Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Watched The Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Review:
Yeah, I watched it. I was going back and forth last night from my computer to Boy #3's computer. Dropping EntreCards from my computer and playing Sims 2 on his. Boy #3 has a TV right next to the computer so I put on Celebrity Apprentice. Basically because I have no life. They replayed episode 1 and 2 for us Saturday night. Guess what? Omarosa is still the ultimate, made for TV bitch. She plays the part wonderfully. There can't be a person in the entire world that likes her. People in third world countries without electricity hate her, she's that good at reality TV bitch.
She is way out of her league with these celebrities though. I will continue to watch just because I can't wait to see a Gene Simmons/Omarosa confrontation. Please let it be soon before Donald Trump fires Gene for being Gene. He's already pissed off The Donald by insulting his precious daughter.

I think NBC is using the word "Celebrity" loosely. Who are half these so called celebrities? I'm using air quotes too! Remember that cute little Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci? The one that won all those Gold Medals? Would you be able to recognize her if you past her on the street? Check out the picture, that's her. She's one of the celebrities or I should say was, The Donald fired her. But that was because she was on The Woman team with Omarosa. They will continue to lose as long as they have that cancer on their team. Did I mention Omarosa is a bitch?

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