Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol Freaks

The freaks were out in full freakdum last night looking to be the next William Hung. And then there were the people that obviously have no one that loves them enough to stop them from going to the audition. We laugh at them like Paula and Randy did until they are done and then we see their faces. I find it more uncomfortable each year to watch the auditions. When there are, what, about 100,000 people showing up to audition, there has to be a camera crew assigned to "freak patrol." Where the sole purpose of their job is to find losers for the viewing audience to laugh at. I'm going to watch it again tonight.

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jyackley01 said...

I totally agree! I find myself feeling guilty that I'm laughing at the girl who was trying to sing Celine Dion, or the next William Hung, but I KEEP watching! It's sort of like watching a train-wreck...LOL..