Monday, December 31, 2007

The Goths Missed the U-Turn

Amazing Race Review:
Oooops! Strategy plays an important part in any game, so if you are going to U-Turn someone, ummmm.... make sure they're behind you, maybe, I'm just sayin. The Goths, knew full well that one of the most annoying teams to ever participate in The Amazing Race, Jen and Nate, were in fact behind them. The Goths chose to instead U-Turn the grandfather/grandson team, who were ahead of them. Grandpa and Junior came in second actually behind the Hippies. This proved to be a fatal mistake as the Goths are now eliminated.

There are only 4 teams left, this season seemed to go really fast. We have the Hippies, Rachel and TK, who are so laid back I expect them to oversleep one of these episodes and lose the race. And then there are their opposites, Jen and Nate, they are both wound up tighter than a drum and are ready to explode the minute something goes wrong. So fun to watch them! Also left in the race are the grandfather/grandson recently tattooed team, Nick and Don. I really didn't expect them to get this far. They are slow and at times seem really confused. The grandfather reminds me of Rudy from Survivor 1. Let's not for get Mr. Miyagi and his daughter, Ron and Chris. They are still in it! Ron, the dad, after a reprieve of being a totally prick to his daughter, this week went back to his old ways. I can only imagine after watching himself on TV and the way that he's treated his daughter that Chris must have got some really good Christmas gifts this year.

My pick for the winner. It's a tough one but I'll say Rachel and TK, if they can stay awake.


Beth said...

I only watched the first season of the Amazing Race- couldn't get into it. My obsession this summer was Big Brother 8. I mean I actually purchased the live feeds and was completely addicted. AND they're having a winter version. Man, staying up all night watching strangers sleep is going to be be havoc on my job LOL

Sue said...

How funny! I watched the first season of Big Brother and couldn't get into it! LOL! Though I'm not obessed with The Amazing Race, I am with LOST.