Monday, December 10, 2007

The Amazing Race Takes a Back Seat to Survivor

The Amazing Race Review:
So Jennifer and Nate were at it again. Last week he called her a bitch and this week she said, "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you." And Jennifer freaked out because the cab driver wouldn't let them in his cab because they were wet and the grandson and grandfather got ahead of them. What a hoot, I couldn't stop laughing! Every week I think the grandson and his grandfather are going to come in last and they manage to squeak in before some other team. They meander around getting lost and the grandfather takes his time, driving the grandson crazy. The grandfather reminds me of Rudy from the very first Survivor. But they are getting the job done. The team that didn't get the job done was Azaria and Hendekea, the brother and sister. And yeah, I had to look up the spelling of their names and I don't know which ones which. But they're eliminated.
The Amazing Race won't be on next week, because the Survivor China Finale is on. The three hour long drawn out, let's honor the people we've back stabbed to get here episode and reunion show. Three hours of Survivor and then that show is done too.
I'm going to have to start reviewing more commercials.

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