Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Can Win Money on Lingo

I watched Lingo again. The red team was kicking ass. They were stringing 5 letter words together like nobodies business. Bye bye yellow team, pick up your departing gifts on your way out cause you got smoked.
Lingo is on at 11:00 pm, so I assumed that I was watching reruns, especially when the kick ass red team got to play Bonus Lingo because they won and when the show ended they had a grand total of $400.00. Yes, the decimal point is in the right place and yes, they have to split their winnings. Hardly worth the bus trip. Winning four hundred dollars on a game show is so 1980's, isn't it?
Let's go to Wikipedia, shall we? Lingo started in the USA in 2002 and Wikipedia tells us, "to present." Hell, I can win money on Lingo, I can spell. But it would cost me more than $400.00 to get to Los Angeles. If Lingo goes on tour, I'm there!


MyChronicLife said...

I didn't know that show was still going on. Too funny. If you go, let me know so I can say I know someone famous. Oh and I can ask you for a loan too ;)
Brain Foggles

Sue said...

Hey Connie? Can you spell? Because I'll need a partner! LOL!

Tina Kubala said...

I would stink at Lingo, but you can take my husband :) As long as you pay to feed him ;)

Sue said...

If he can spell, I'll feed him! LOL!