Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reach in and Grab a Couple Balls

We watched repeats last night. What a drag. Then the husband went to bed and I watched Lingo. I don't know why I keep watching that game show. Maybe so I can yell at the contestants who can't seem to string 5 letters together to make a word. Or maybe it's because I giggle every time the host, Chuck Whoolery says, "Reach in and grab a couple balls." Tell me that doesn't make you laugh. And guess what? It's bad to grab a red ball. You loose a turn. Haha! I better get myself a good book or start watching my LOST CD's before I get myself into trouble. Oh the blue balls are better, they have numbers on them!


funcraftsandrecipesDOTcom said...

I've never watched Lingo. I stumbled this post because it made me laugh. When the page loaded I saw the title and the words went to bed and it sent me into fits of laughter.
Feel free to come play Four Foods on Friday sometime.

Lisa said...

Who knew that having blue balls would ever be a good thing? LOL

Sue said...

When I started the post I never thought I would end up writing about red and blue balls. LOL!