Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Amazing Race Twists and Turns

Amazing Race Review:
Hey there was a non-repeat show on Sunday! Awesome! My two favorite teams, the Goths and the Hippies had the worst day. Everything went wrong for them. Broken down cars, flat tires, getting lost, loosing clues, I'm surprised they finished this leg of the race. Jennifer and Nate hardly swore at each other, it was kind of disappointing. They can go from "I love you" to "I hate you bitch" in 0.3 seconds, it's really very amusing. Maybe next week.
This past week was a non-elimination week so the Goths that came in last are safe. But a new twist this season, the dreaded "Speed Bump". A task that will spring up at any time during the next leg of the race that only they will have to do.
Let's not forget that a team took the Fast Forward Sunday. The Grandfather/Grandson team. Only once they got to the Fast Forward destination they found out they had to get a tattoo. hehe! There were permanently tattooed with the letters FF (Fast Forward) on the shoulders. That came in first though!

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