Sunday, December 9, 2007

How Creepy is King?

Is anyone else as creeped out as I am by the Burger King commercials? Wasn't it bad enough that "King" was sitting in bed with a guy when he woke up with breakfast ready? Now we are watching three moms trying to have "King" whacked? And all because Burger King supposedly makes a great sandwich. Do the three moms see him as competition or as some freaky guy in a plastic mask wearing tights, threatening the well being of their children? If he's a freaky guy, wearing tights, chasing kids with a sandwich, then yeah, let's have him whacked. But if he just wants to give our kids a sandwich........ummmm, I don't want that guy anywhere near my kids, somebody cut his brake line. While trying to get the gist of this commercial, I think I've managed to work it out for myself. Nevermind.

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MyChronicLife said...

He scares the crud out of me. Imagine what he does to children? This will be a long standing nightmare for them. And they think this is going to get them customers? Hire a new PR Firm Burger King!