Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Hero Thoughts Until January

Heroes Review:
How many times have we seen someone die on this show and then brought back to life? So Niki and Nathan fans hang on to that until January. Or you can search the forums for spoilers like I am later today. If anyone has a spoiler, feel free to leave me a comment and a source. But my gut tells me those two are done. I can think of a few other characters I would rather have gone instead, like most of the new ones except Adam, but that's me, oh and Hiro annoys me, there I said it.
Speaking of Adam, Hiro put him in a coffin! Yeah, in a graveyard, buried and alive. That time-travel super hero power is really starting to work for Hiro.
HRG makes a deal with, uh, the Company? The secret organization that has it's members being killed by Adam, has deadly viruses that can kill the entire populace of the world stored in Texas, keeps heroes with super powers locked up to do experiments on them or just kill them, you know that company. So HRG makes a deal with the Company, for them to leave his family alone and he will remain with the Company. HRG goes home to freak out his family, because he's one of the back from the dead people. Claire loves him again, teenagers.
Mohinder gets back to his secret underground apartment were Sylar and gullible Maya are waiting for him. Maya is making breakfast! She finally catches on that Sylar is an evil-doer, wait she doesn't catch on. Mohinder has to spell it out for her, she was un-able to catch on even by Mohinders obvious fear of Sylar. She starts with her black killing tears and this is what eventually wakes the slumbering Molly. Sylar shoots Maya, thank you, but she becomes another one of the back from the dead people. Mohinder has two shots of the indestructible cheerleader, virus killing serum. He was taking it to Niki before Sylar called him, but Niki blew up in a building, she won't be needing it. While Mohinder is giving the shot to Maya, satisfying Sylar, that it isn't poison, the electric chick, Elle shows up. She's trying to catch Sylar for daddy, but she screws it up and he gets away with the shot. Sylar will be cutting out brains again in no time.
Nathan, Peter and Matt decide it's time to go public. Nathan's idea, he wants to tell everyone that he can fly. Matt is there on one side of Nathan using his hero super power mind convincing thingy. And Peter, is on the other side of Nathan. It's a good thing too because someone had to catch him when he fell from the 3 gunshots to his chest.

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