Monday, December 3, 2007

They Are Suppose to Win, Right?

Amazing Race Review:
The Hippies came in first this week and the Goth singles were right behind them. These two teams so far have shown the most composure in the race. They don't yell at each other, they support each other. Now those other teams are coming apart at the seams. It's getting fun to watch. Especially Jennifer and Nathan. Please, if their family and friends are paying attention, don't let those two get married! They'll kill each other.
Who came in last? Those Blonds. The object of The Amazing Race is to win, at least it was last time I checked. But the Blonds used a U-Turn option last week, which lead to the demise of Lorena and Jason. Which lead to bad karma vibes shooting towards the Blonds from the other teams. So I guess the object of The Amazing Race is to win but do it in a nice way.
I hadn’t really picked a favorite team this season. But the fun-loving hippies and the dark soul mate goth couple look like they can win only because they are not slowing themselves down with arguing. That’s how the blonds lost this week and Jennifer and Nathan will fall because they just hate each other.

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