Monday, December 17, 2007

Todd the Schemer Wins Survivor China

And the winner of a million dollars is...... Todd! The schemer! And he did scheme his way to a million. I didn't think he'd get anyone on the jury to vote for him but he told them all what they wanted to hear. He totally played Jean-Robert - again! It was great.
So Todd, Amanda and Courtney turned on Denise the lunch lady just like we and she knew they would. Denise tried to plead her case by saying she's just a lunch lady and she will have to go back to her $7.00 an hour job, but the final solid three didn't care. And either did the school she lunch ladied for, they demoted her when she got back. She is now a night shift janitor. Denise was told she was a distraction in the lunch line. Yikes! I don't know maybe they're right. When a bunch of third graders see Denise getting ready for a swim in her dark pink bloomers and unsupporting bra, I can see it as a slight distraction. She ended up with a charity check of $50,000 from Mark Burnett. James won $100,000 for the popular vote.
My least favorite part of Survivor is when the final survivors reflex on the voted out survivors. This season was no exception, the final four could barely think of anything nice to say about the voted out bunch and mumbled through it. What a waste of time, show me more back stabbing.
We have a new season in February to look forward to, one team will consist of former survivors and the other team huge survivor fans. I hope they get the keep their clothes this time.

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