Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wheel of Fortune, Still on the Air

Holy Crap! The Wheel of Fortune is still on TV? During an early flip through the channels today (because I'm lost without my Dancing With The Stars) I stumbled upon Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Vanna is still in charge of the letters but doesn't have to turn them anymore, she just pushes a button. Pat couldn't sound any less enthused.
Question? Do the producers of the show pick dumb contestants to play so those of us at home can feel smarter? For the five minutes that I watched, I saw two guys that were a team, go bankrupt twice and ask to buy the vowel A............ twice.
Dude, it's Leprechauns hidden pot of gold. You can't see that?
Apparently in an effort to spice things up, there are teams playing against each other. Tonight was Grads and Dads, clever. The dad on the far right is going to have his hands full with his grad, the hot-headed Wheel of Fortune player that buys for A's before thinking.
During my five minutes of The Wheel of Fortune the camera's didn't zoom in on Pat or Vanna, so I can not report on how well they are holding up. But they have to be the two most boring people in the world after playing Hangman for, what? about 50 years.


ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Are those current episodes? I thought they were running in syndicate?

Sue said...

Oh I hadn't thought of that! It was on ABC at 7:00pm so I just assumed they were new episodes.

Ria said...

I remember a few years ago when all the guys were going wild over Vanna, and I'm still trying to find out why.