Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting to the Bottom of LOST

I’m thinking of taking my economic stimulus check, hopping on a plane to Hawaii, then rent a car and drive around the islands until I find out what the hell is going on, on my favorite show LOST.

Who’s with me? I’m going to need a head count when it comes to the car rental part of the trip. I love LOST but I can’t take it anymore. I’m the kind of person that reads the end of a book first. It doesn’t help any that Claire seems to be in on what’s going on. She’s hanging out with her dead father now. I guess that’s more fun than dragging a baby around the jungle week after week.

So when you get your economic stimulus check, let’s go stimulate the hell out of Hawaii and find some answers!

Oh and I haven’t posted on LOST because being the impatient person that I am I’ve found out some spoilers and I’m afraid to slip!


Ria said...

Wow! Are you really getting enough from your stimulus check to be able to go to Hawaii? If so, then I want to be your friend!

Condo Blues said...

I think Claire's now hanging out with dear ol' dead Dad because she died in the house explosion.

The Flash forwards have added a new twist this season that I like (adds another layer of interest) and sort of hate (I hate it that Hurley is back in the mental hospital. I hoped the guy's luck would turn once he found out about the numbers and got off the island.)

Sue said...

I've seen a lot of message board talk about Claire being dead. Makes my head hurt trying to process why or how! LOL, but who knows on that freaky island.