Monday, April 7, 2008

I Have a Reason for an Entire Week of no New Posts!

I've never gone a whole week without posting. All can be explained in my other blog Farvel Cargo. Let's have a quick review, shall we?

Dancing With The Stars: Goot was banished and I think Dancing With The Stars will be a better place without his dorky facial expressions. Sorry but that's just me or maybe not. I was distracted by his mouth always open, I don't even know if he could dance well.

American Idol: Ramyalladalla, (the really short one) was dismissed and she cried her eyes out with Kristi Lee Cook, yeah Kristi was yet again in the bottom two. She will be lucky to come out of this competition with only an ulcer.

Survivor: James continues to entertain the hell out of me. He opened a beer bottle with his teeth and tried to coach Jason on the finer ways of beer bottle opening. But Jason was in serious jeopardy of immediate dental care, so James, claiming it's all leverage, opened the beer bottle for him. Ami the conniver was voted out and was asked to leave immediately.

That's it in a nutshell. Bare with me as I try to adjust to my new schedule. I ended up with two jobs, how I'm still not sure, but one will be done in two weeks.

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