Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Did You See Ozzie's Face?

Now that I only have one outside the house job, I should be able to regularly tear apart the contestants on Survivor. Did you see his face? Awesome. Ozzie really thought he was coasting through the game didn't he? I watched the episode at 11:00 pm, Thursday night and laughed my ass off. And Eliza's reaction on the jury? Priceless. I don't know what Ozzie is more upset about, being totally blind sided or having to spend the next couple of weeks with Eliza.
Here is a link to Survivor's website they're calling Life on the Survivor Ponderosa or something like that. Actually there are 5 videos and I watched them all, because I have that kind of time now. Before everyone of the 5 videos is the same Pantene commercial, I use to like that song of there's.
I'm still hoping James the Gravedigger will win, but he's seriously outnumbered. He's fun to watch. Cirie is playing a good game, I wouldn't mind seeing her win. I can't think of anyone else left that I would want to see win.

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