Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Rootin Tootin Extravaganza

There is really no way to discuss the group dance without sounding mean. But I don't want to watch a pair of big beefy thighs hanging out of a short denim skirt. It was a bit unsettling when poor Tony hoisted Marissa up in the air. There was no way she would come back down gracefully. And Tony is going to break something if he keeps doing that.
There have been no surprises thus far for this season of Dancing With The Stars. Perhaps the Stars have learned that you really have to work the viewing audience and go for the sympathy votes. We learned that Kristi Yamaguchi was born with a club-foot, Marlee Matlin got a pep-talk from The Fonz, Mario talked to his little brother on the phone and says he misses him, what are they trying to do, turn Dancing With The Stars into a telethon?
We say good-bye to Marlee Matlin this week. Maybe Henry Winkler should have worn his leather jacket and said, "Aye! Vote for Marlee."

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