Saturday, April 12, 2008

American Freakin' Idol

Mom and I are pissed. Look at him how cute he is! Where is the justice in this world when a cutey patutey like Michael Johns is voted off American Idol? He has a good voice too. It isn't like Mom and I just want him to win because of his looks. I don't want to talk about it anymore.
I missed the results show because I had to work and because I hate results shows. But I hear Ryan was a real jerk and Paula was upset with him. I heard it on the radio, Ryan deflated Michaels dreams, gave him a glimmer of hope then crushed him again. Real nice Ryan Seacrest.


Connie said...

I'm still in shock. I didn't see the show but I can't believe that darn Kristy is still there! Can you tell I think she has no talent at all?

Sue said...

Exactly Connie! Kristi should be gone and so should Jason and his dreadlocks!

Jennifer said...

I hate the results shows. I tivo them, and then skip to the last 5 minutes to see who goes home.

Ryan Seacrest tells him "Last year at this stage noone went home..... but we are saying goodbye to Michael tonight." What a jerk. Don't mention it at all!

I'm not exactly rooting for Michael to win, but there are plenty of people who need to go before he does. Uh, hello Kristy?

It also made me mad that they pick on Syesha who wasn't as good as the original artist, even though she was pretty darn good. Then Jason sings Over the Rainbow, and no mention of the fact that it just wasn't as good as Brudda Iz. And after I commented a novel, I see I probably should have just written about it myself lol

Sue said...

LOL! Thanks Jenn!
All of Jason's songs are starting to sound the same. And Syesha is really starting to belt out some good songs. I don't think Simon, Paula and Randy know what they are saying half the time. I mean come on, they are made to pick a song that someone has made famous already, if they pick something that isn't very famous they get critisized for bad song choice.